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Kuis Sabda

開発者 NewbiePro

Learn the Bible with more than a thousand questions and answers through Kuis Sabda.Kuis Sabda is a fun quiz for all ages.
Kuis Sabda will help you to learn, study, even memorize the Bible!
All the questions is from the Bible, Old Testament through New Testament.
You also can compete with other users around the globe by submitting your high score and see your highest rank!
Kuis sabda will challenge how deep is your Bible knowledge, from the verses through the deepest stories of the Bible.
Kuis Sabda will help you learning the Bible anytime you want.
Please share this Kuis Sabda to your family, friends, or your relatives.
If you see any errors and also believe there's some questions or answers which is not accurate, please let us know by email us at
Thank you so much, have fun, and God bless.